Taking instructions

QUESTION: Masters, I am getting up in years and feel I have not completed my soul’s purpose. I’ve been told, by a channeled angel, that I’m supposed to write a book to complete that overall purpose, but don’t want to do that for many reasons. I feel I am not able to communicate well, and also I sense there wouldn’t be any interest in what I have to share. Is there another way I can complete this purpose without writing this book? Is there, perhaps, just one person I should communicate what I’ve learned to?   ~Pat, USA

ANSWER: We are chuckling at your “up in years” comment. If you only knew how ancient your soul was, you would be trembling in your physical form. Age means absolutely nothing, even within a physical lifetime, unless you give it control over your journey. You have hundreds of more lifetimes to experience and plenty of Earth years in this body, if you seek them.

Whenever one of us gives a message to a human it is for purposes of counsel only—it is not a command. If ever a supposed communicator for us states that we said “you shall,” she is not getting the translation accurate. We will sometimes remind souls what they had decided they were going to complete within an incarnation, but it is always souls’ freedom of choice to change or alter their plans. There are no “musts” or “shoulds” contained in a life purpose.

You did want to use the knowledge you have gained during this lifetime to share with others, so they may more readily reach the same level of awareness that you have obtained. This you thought could be done through the writing of a book, but that was only one possibility. By sharing your knowledge with even one person you will have completed your desired activity.