Coming attractions

Welcome, fellow souls. We have had many people ask us why they have the feeling that something really big is going to happen this year. We want to inform you that the energy of the Earth is shifting and that it is possible for those who are sensitive to energy to pick up on this change in direction.

As the astronomers and astrologers have been telling you, all the planets in your universe are lining up across the center of your Milky Way Galaxy. They will be in complete alignment in 2012. It will become easier for you to communicate with souls in other dimensions as this point in time approaches. This is primarily because the gravities and planetary forces from the orbits of the spheres are being nullified by their new positions relative to each other.

In other words, if you open yourself to the vibrations around you, you will be able to feel, hear, and see things that were masked to you in the past. This will, for many people, create an expansiveness never before imagined within their universe.

It will seem to be something very big indeed when you begin to hear and converse with spirits! Just go with the flow and enjoy the ride. Stay in love, light, and laughter.

The Masters of the Spirit World