Understanding relationships

QUESTION: Masters I have been studying about romantic relationships, in particular feminine and masculine energy. I read that masculine energy is about action and feminine energy is about receiving and connecting to the emotions. Is it correct to say that the man should pursue the woman who should lean back and receive? Can I have more information about how this all works? What do we, as humans, still need to know and learn in order to have better and healthier relationships? ~Claudia, Portugal

ANSWER: The human body contains both masculine and feminine energy in different amounts. These energies are affected and enhanced by the awareness the soul has of its pre-determined lessons. If a soul has planned on exploring romantic love, it will have many ways to do so. One may be by varying the percentage of masculine versus feminine energy within the human body regardless of the apparent outward appearance of the sex of that body.

What you have read are the beliefs of the authors, who report an explanation of what their studies have revealed within a certain set of individuals. That will be impacted by the environment of the subjects, their religious and societal beliefs, and familial teachings. In other words, the findings cannot be universally applied in all groups of people.

Human bodies are not always subject to characteristics generally found in a particular sexual energy. You have seen feminine men and masculine women. Yet each may be engaged in what society regards as a normal male/female relationship. And by your beliefs, who had to pursue whom?

There is more involved in creating relationships than the amount of one sexual energy versus the other. What traits does each have? Is the woman forthright and the man shy and retiring? Is the man controlling and the woman seeking to be controlled? There is no absolute playbook to the perfect relationship.

All souls just need to be themselves. How do they feel about the other person? Would they like to be approached or do the approaching? Go inside and use your intuition and feelings to decide the best way for you to establish a connection. You will find that it even varies depending on the characteristics of the other person.