Feminine and masculine energy

QUESTION: Masters I’m in an interesting relationship where I’m learning new ways into a woman’s heart and mind by understanding and feeling emotions, my own and hers. I try to do my best and build trust, openness, and new ways of being innocent by being vulnerable, but it looks like I fail all the time and I just fade away from her, or nothing is enough what I do or how I be. Is there a block in my chakras or in my finer bodies which affect this? Is there imbalance in my feminine and masculine energies and how great? Can masters guide me how to attune better emotionally with her and with myself? What I need to work on? ~Arttu, Finland

ANSWER: You are being instructed in someone else’s belief systems. It is true that each human being has masculine energy, which is strong, protective, and demonstrative. But they also have feminine energy, which allows them to be tender, soft, and emotional. The degree of each and how much you accept and use in your life are determined by you and the circumstances. There are no right or wrong answers.

The percentages should be determined by your feelings and not by what your partner would like you to be. If you take all your clues from another, you have given up your power to them to say who and what you are in this life. You are being a puppet to their wishes.

Why do you feel you need to be innocent? That is equated with uninformed and ignorant when it comes to human characteristics. You have worked hard to come into awareness of self, and you do not have to ignore your hard-won wisdom in order to please someone else.

When you say you have failed, you are picking up that your partner is not satisfied that you have met their expectations. Why should you duplicate their expectations? You are a different individual and an opposite sex. You are not blocked; you are just sensitive to your own strong feelings of essence, and they conflict with an entirely feminine energy.

If you still wish to continue converting yourself to a masculine-feminine, there is nothing wrong with that. Just do it because you desire to be other than you are, not because you are being told you should. It should always feel right to you, not as if failing to meet her desires is a shortcoming on your part.

You need to work on sensing your inner intuition of what is right for yourself in that body.