Triggering the kundalini

QUESTION: Masters- In the past, I was in contact with a man via email only, that resides on the opposite side of the world. By photograph only, never actually meeting or verbally speaking in the 3D, I began to strongly visualize real life emotional and physical interactions, on a routine basis. Shortly after, the etheric body of this specific individual appeared to me. It triggered a full-blown Kundalini activation and the opening of my third eye. I was bombarded with numeric patterns, and very precise signs and synchronicities. What feels like “merging of the energetic bodies” still continues to take place, along with other metaphysical activity. Can you please help shed some light? ~J~~, USA

ANSWER: What you are describing is one of the possibilities when the kundalini energy, coiled inside the body since birth, is released and activated throughout the physical by something stimulating it. This energy – also called prana, life force energy, or chi – is pure, positive, unconditionally loving energy direct from Source. It is what mystics and spiritual awareness-seeking individuals strive to activate during their years of searching for a connection to Source.

In your case, the activation occurred because you were so involved in the energetic connection you had with this individual who has an aspect of pure energy. You merged, not with this person’s energy, but with the energy of the universal Source. Stimulation of the kundalini to rise through the body may be something as simple as a visualization or as complex as a deep, meditative ritual. You have unconsciously prepared yourself for this event for a number of years.

The process of acclimation to this intense energy can continue for a long period of time, even months or years. This is like upgrading from a jalopy to a race car. You have to get used to the power available to you. Everything is more intense, brighter, and may even be accompanied by physical sensations such as vibrations.

The patterns you are observing are the communication of the universe. You have opened a section of your akashic records and are reviewing your knowledge. This is your physical self merging with your spiritual essence; some call this enlightenment. This would have happened to you whether or not you had contact with this person because you had prepared yourself for it.

What you do with this new-found energy is up to you. You can direct it toward something about which you are passionate, use it to establish new connections with those in the spiritual realm, expand your manifestation powers, or any of those powers and abilities which are yours as a piece of Source energy. Or, you can consciously try to close it down – which you will find very difficult.