Healing techniques

QUESTION: Masters I work with shiatsu, flower therapy and others. Before each service I always ask for the help of the beings of light who can help those who are looking for me. It is very complex to deal with the energies of a Being since each of us brings the energies of many times that they resonate in health. Can they be helped, coming out lighter from the dense energies? I have made many Bach flowers following my intuition. Am I right in the way of doing them? Do they act in the pranic body working in the energies in resonance with the benefit of the flower on the emotional imbalance of Being? ~Rosa, Brazil

ANSWER: There is a plethora of healing spirits who assist those practitioners on Earth who are working with human bodies. Some specialize in a particular practice such as flower essences, and others concentrate on helping to direct healing energies to the needed spots within the human client.

The perception of density within a client is your sense of the negativity they are holding in their physical body and surroundings. Negativity may always by replaced by positive energy, which feels very light and airy since it is filled with the intention of balance and love.

Healing takes two people to be accomplished. It requires the intention of the healing practitioner, alone and/or with the assistance of guides, to channel through the universal life-force energy. But possibly more important is the intention of the one seeking healing. If your client does not believe in what you are doing, or if they have a victim mentality where they enjoy being of ill health, they will almost immediately return to their initial status.

As you have deduced, you have intuitive healing capabilities. These are assisted by the healing guides when you request assistance. Clear your mind of your preconceived notions and let the information of the needed ingredients flow through you.

Spiritual healing works on all aspects of the soul having a human experience. Their energetic body, physical body, esoteric body, and emotional body are all impacted. Whatever has a need is what is affected. Energy always goes where it is needed and can do no harm. Essences, used in moderation, are the same. The only potential for a reaction comes from a body overly sensitive to natural substances.