Compassion and illusion

QUESTION: Masters what is the essence of compassion and what is the true nature of illusion of time? How are they related? ~Malavika, India

ANSWER: Compassion is a third-dimensional concept since it has a corollary negative aspect. Society says to understand another human you need to put yourself in their shoes. It is a very important part of many religions, normally talked about as “it is more blessed to give than to receive” or “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” These precepts indicate that you have a responsibility to take care of others in order for them to receive their due, for you to be a good person, and so that society doesn’t have to take care of them.

Compassion is not a spiritual concept because its completion requires people on two sides of an issue – the giver and the receiver. It involves the giver’s issuing a judgment on the receiver by saying they do not have something which they need and the giver therefore will provide it – whether the receiver thinks they need it or not.

A spiritual journey is a singular event where you spend time understanding the life lessons you chose before coming and also try to learn who you are as a soul and what powers and abilities are a part of your essence.

Everything is energy and energy is everything. To create a situation where you are able to share a stage with others, you have to agree to the environment where you are meeting and interacting. You are taking the energy that is you and creating an illusion that is shared by another so that they perceive the same setup as you. This is an illusion of time since it occurs at the same time and location for one person as it does for another, so they may meet at a mutually agreed place.

An illusion of time is necessary for a person to show compassion because the receiver must be present for the emotion to be directed at them. If they did not share an illusion, they would be invisible to one another. Then the giver would not be able to render their judgment and deliver their compassionate energy to the other.