Spiritual energy cords

QUESTION: Masters can you please explain spiritual / energy cords? I have a man in my life whom I have shared experiences with for the last year and as a result have learnt a lot about myself. We have now both agreed to end the intimate relationship but still remain friends. But I can’t stop thinking about him, he is always on my mind. Is this to do with a spiritual energetic connection between us? If so how can I cut this “cord” or do I have to accept he will always be in my everyday thoughts? Many heartfelt thanks for your guidance and knowledge. ~Michelle, United Kingdom

ANSWER: You are not being tied to this man and your memories by a spiritual connection other than the learning you have shared between you. Once you have experienced something you can not undo it at will. How prominent it becomes in your daily life is completely up to you.

You shared something so intense that until you replace it with something else, it is going to take over your consciousness. While you did call off your intimate relationship, you are too drawn to him to cut off all contact. You still have him on a pedestal as the one who permitted you to see some things you needed and could not observe alone.

The things that your time together allowed you to figure out about yourself have made him an important part of your life. But, as we always say, each soul creates the reality they want to live. When you have realizations front and center in your mind, they are like beliefs and take a prominent place in your thinking until you decide to replace them with something that is more important or necessary in your life at that time.

Romance has always been vital in your life and he provided a stable – for a while – access to it. Finding another who will love you as he did and share with you their hopes and dreams, which he never completely was able to, will erase his insistent energy from your mind.

An energy cord is much more than this physical bonding you had with him. A spiritual connection begins on the Other Side before you even come to Earth. You did not make any specific agreements with this soul before coming. He was just available to you when you needed him to be.

To begin the process of creating a new environment, you can start with a visualization of an ideal world containing all the factors you still wish to explore. Bring them in one at a time until you have your world and he is written out of it.