Divination devices

QUESTION: Masters I like to use the pendulum to get answers on things going on in my life. Can you tell me if this practice is accurate or is the pendulum just reading my desires? ~Vikki, USA

ANSWER: A pendulum is a divination tool that can be used to contact other energies in the universe, be it your guides, discarnates, deceased relatives and friends, or your higher self. Before you begin, you should present your intention that any contact be for your highest and greatest good. It is then important that you clear your mind of your own expectations so that you do not influence the information coming forth. This separation may be easier for you on some days than other days, depending on your emotional state. When you have severe doubts, put it away and try again later.

For self-information many people use pendulums, dowsing rods, tarot or other sets of cards, I Ching coins, runes, muscle testing, or astrology. The same restrictions as mentioned above apply to the interpretation of all these tools. The accuracy depends on various things. If you are seeking an answer to a question that involves not only you but other people as well, it can only tell you what the intentions of those other people are at the time you ask. If they change their mind, the answer would also change.

Similarly, if you change what you had intended on doing based upon an answer you receive while using divination, then it would become inaccurate for the question asked since the basis of the query has changed.

One important additional action you should take is being aware of the effect any indication or answer has on your inner essence or energy. You are a piece of Source energy and vibrate or resonate with every other energy with which you come in contact. If your higher self or soul is providing the answers, you should sense a resonance or accord in your human shell. If the answer is not coming from an entity looking out for your highest and greatest good, you will feel an abrasiveness or harshness generated with the response.