Dealing with life’s up and downs

QUESTION: Masters since going through a certain time of life and losing my mum life is just not the same anymore. I hope she is happy there with you and I do sense when she is around. I smell her perfume. I held her hand when she took her last breath and went back home, I hope she didn’t suffer. I can’t seem to get joy out of things like I used to. A lot of the time I feel fed up, depressed, can’t be bothered and feel something is missing but I don’t know what or why. Is some of it due to hormones or life as it is? Did I choose to experience what depression is like? I’m sick of constantly analyzing and not knowing if I’m on the right track. Are the tablets I am taking helping or hindering. It doesn’t help that my husband is going through his own personal stuff. ~Jo, United Kingdom

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: Your mother transitioned very easily and is relieved not to have to deal with physical things any longer. She sends her love and says to tell you it is time to wake up and get on with living again. She reminds you that we each create our own reality and you are not doing a great job of yours right now.

Everything that you have talked about all has to do with various life lessons you chose for this lifetime. When you were concerned with your mother’s condition, you were on auto-pilot regarding these tests and the rest of your life. Now that she has returned Home you are lost, almost as if you are starting all over again. You have too many choices of what to do and how to respond to things; you feel overwhelmed.

This is a period where you are studying all about self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-love. You are becoming aware of things you didn’t “see” before since you were too preoccupied. You don’t have only one option any longer, so you feel something akin to depression since there is no single impression of what is needed to be done. The choices are yours and with them the responsibilities, and that frightens you.

In response to this new awareness you think you must analyze every action so that you do not regret it later. There is no right track. No one has previously made decisions for you and left you to find the way to them. It is important to “listen” to your inner voice. Follow only what resonates with you. Understand there is no right or wrong direction, but standing still is not an option if you want to get through this section of your life.

Your husband is taking a lot of cues from your actions. When you are stressed, so is he. When you are depressed or confused, so is he. When you find stability for yourself you will see that he will also. Your “fuzziness” is somewhat from the tablets you are consuming. This is not a hormonal issue, as easy as that would be to blame.