Effects of climate change

QUESTION: Masters, the climate change is causing anxiety all over the world. Some say, humanity will end. Channelers talk about us building a new world, but how do these two aspects meet each other? ~Anna, Finland

ANSWER: It is possible to find someone somewhere who will stand for any proposition you can propose. Planet Earth has continually undergone changes in climate through its long existence. A sampling would include formation via volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, ice ages, and droughts, with the planet ever changing to fit the physical forces.

Present inhabitants, by their actions of producing surpluses of gases etc., have influenced the direction of these effects on the planet’s surface. This has resulted in changes within the atmosphere and thus the storms and currents, the melting of ice by the rise in temperature, and the loss of productivity through the deleterious effects of pollution. This has occurred before on Earth when massive volcanoes have spewed forth heat, ash, and darkness by covering the sun’s rays.

Humanity will not end because this duality was created for their growth. Those who wish to experience their life during times of difficulty will revel in the changes. Humans incarnate now must choose which reality they want to embrace. Fearing something you can have little or no control over takes away energy that can be used to fulfill other aspects of the lifetime and desired lessons.

When taking information from channels, you have to understand their source, any philosophical leanings, any dogma influencing their readings, and the dimension they are referring to in the predictions. Since each soul having a physical experience creates their own reality by the beliefs systems they expound, each may build a new world to their liking easily enough.

In a spiritual sense there are no right or wrong actions or answers to human activity. It is all designed as a learning experience. The growth of awareness and movement toward your true essence of Source energy involves removing all negativity from your life and your consciousness and replacing it with unconditional love. This establishes a world where negativity and negative thoughts are not allowed.