Does parenting require a soul contract?

QUESTION: Masters does choosing its parents for a reincarnating soul require a life contract with the “parents’ souls”? ~Marshall, USA

ANSWER: Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. When a soul gets ready to incarnate, it has decided what life lessons it is going to work on in that life. The selection of parents has to do with ensuring that the desired and needed environment will be provided. The chosen lessons of the parents may be in line with the child’s or may have nothing whatsoever to do with the child’s intentions.

A contract would not be needed if the child wants to experience the breakup of a marriage. That would entail a contract between the parents but not with the child. If the child wants to have physical, mental, or emotional abuse, that may – but does not have to – require a contract.

A contract would not be required if the child just needs to be in an environment that allows them to observe addictions, mental illness, poverty, or such. Most situations in which the child is born with deformities or disabilities do involve a contractual agreement.

The whole purpose of life lessons is for the soul to understand them and, using their freedom of choice, choose to reverse the effects of the situation. A contract rarely, if ever, includes the learning and understanding of another’s chosen lessons. Each soul, whether parent or child, is on their own in working through their difficulties.