Are all souls equally talented?

QUESTION: Masters, are all Souls equally talented? Here on Earth some have very high levels of IQ, some are prodigies and are talented in various fields like music, art, dance etc. Are these talents accumulated & improved upon through life times or is it that any soul can become what (for example: born with high IQ) it wishes in an incarnation? ~Deepthi, India

ANSWER: All souls have the same essence: they are pieces broken off from Source energy with all the same potential powers and abilities of Source. Humans, on the other hand, are limited by the duality in which they have chosen to exist and the circumstances from which they have chosen to learn during their lifetime.

A soul enters a body having already decided whether to revisit a talent possessed in a prior life or series of lives. The soul may wish to try out something new. Most of the time, talents developed previously are left in their deep unconscious to be brought out only after the soul has completed their new lessons – if they manage to do so.

Being a prodigy can bring unique personality challenges. The person may have difficulty communicating with others of their age because they have nothing in common with them. They may also have underdeveloped social skills and lack confidence in anything other than their “specialty.” Their lessons include understanding why they are different and how to relate to life in general.

Being extremely intelligent or dull also presents challenges in dealing with everyday events and the actions of others. Do you want everyone to like you? Or do you choose to be faithful to yourself? Are you hurt by the jealousy or taunts of classmates? Or have you learned that being yourself doesn’t need input from others?

You have provided your own answer. Any soul can become whatever they wish to be, both from the choices made before incarnating and from the work they do once on Earth. This all gives them the chosen experiences that made them decide to come in the first place.