Who is teaching God?

QUESTION: Masters who is teaching God everything that he knows? I feel that he is still learning on how to improve the human race day by day, for so many centuries. ~Musat, Romania

ANSWER: Your question implies that your accepted belief system consists of a single supreme being that has the appearance of a human being and is responsible for everything that happens on Earth. Our universe is, and was created by, a powerful energy that exists in unconditional love, is amorphous, and allows all its particles to manifest for themselves.

In the beginning, Source knew only perfection and wondered what it was not. So, Source created a laboratory that we know as Earth. It broke off pieces of itself to enter into this duality, which contained both the positive perfection it had always known and the opposite of this unconditional love, which was negativity. He created the place but did not set up the experiments in this laboratory – that was the purview of the souls choosing to partake.

Source allows each piece of itself, each soul, to exercise their freedom of choice to decide what they want to study. Source benefits from everything it observes its particles engaging in – that is how wisdom not previously possessed is gathered. You might say that every soul is “teaching” Source what perfection is not by the lessons they learn in their dealings with negativity.

Source makes all this information available to everyone so that, if they choose to return to Earth, they can see what others have done and decide whether they want to try a variation on those activities. Any “improvements” – which is a judgment and only exists within the duality – are the result of the choices exercised by souls.