Learning from chosen lessons

QUESTION: Masters I was born with a sensitive nature. I have strived to be gentle and kind to all I have met over nearly 60 years. Yet I have rarely experienced happiness despite learning from wise books and the bible. I am plagued with worries often caused by bad people. I am strained looking after my elderly mother and often feel suicidal. Why is this my life? Law of attraction is not helping me so how do I endure this misery? ~Patrick, UK

ANSWER: What is plaguing you is the result of negative energies that surround you. Being gentle and kind has been seen by many as being an easy mark or pushover to be taken advantage of. These negativity-loving people find it fun to antagonize you.

You have no true sense of who you are. To find happiness you first have to bring self-love into your life. What other people think or say about you is not important; the important thing is what you think about yourself – this is a form of self-love. Worries, doubts, and fears are all indications that one of your life lessons is present. To combat their interference in your life, look them right in the face and see why they are there.

You create your own reality through your choices. Stop letting the thoughts in your head take precedence. They are other people’s opinions that you have heard, that you read, and that you accepted without asking how they made you feel. From this day forward, never do something just because it has a place in your memory. Do something only if it feels good and resonates with you.

You chose the lessons you are enduring to see if you could understand them and find a loving way to deal with them. Don’t let others dictate to you. Look upon your mother’s care as a blessing in love that you may share with her – but don’t let her force you to do anything you don’t wish.

Every situation is a choice as to how you perceive it. Is it something that enriches your life? Can you feel the love in a meeting? Pick the positive explanations for everything and send the negativity packing.