When does help come

QUESTION: Masters during a pendulum session, my guides said that I needed to call Master Koala for help with a particular situation. The message given by Master Koala was of great comfort. Do the Masters only come to us when we are deeply distressed and how does their work differ from our guides? ~Querida, United Kingdom

ANSWER: Any information provided by a nonphysical source originating from the unconditionally loving universe can be referred to as coming from a guide of one sort or another. A soul generally has made agreements with certain other souls that they will watch over and provide assistance to those who have chosen to come to Earth. These are sometimes called personal guides.

Your personal guides usually do not stay with you your entire life since you have need for help from specialists, in one subject or another, from time to time. This would be like having a scholastic tutor, a love coach, and a spiritual guru when you enter each of these phases of your life.

A master is a soul who has spent many, many lives, perhaps hundreds, studying one aspect of human living until they have experienced every potential within that category. Masters may have one or more areas of specialization and are more than happy to provide assistance – but you need to ask; they cannot interfere without an invitation.

Even with an invitation, a master or a guide will never “tell” you what to do because that would compromise your freedom of choice. They will give suggestions, options, and possibilities but will never say: “Do this.” If you have ever had an experience where a nonphysical energy has told you, in no uncertain terms, to do this or that, that energy was not a being of the light but a discarnate still attached to the Earth plane. These beings do not have to be truthful, and they enjoy causing trouble.

Masters and guides are always available; all you need to do is ask. Once you have established a dialogue with a few of them, you will find it very easy to have them as friends who are there when you need them – no crisis is necessary.