Giving up on self

QUESTION: Masters I feel as though I’m in a never-ending cycle of trying to address my personal issues. As someone who is hypersensitive to all that is around me I often feel that I can’t cope with life on this earth plane as it is too intense. I’ve been healing others for many years but can’t seem to help myself. I know I have brought with me unresolved issues from the past. Feelings of total insecurity, being a victim, trust, betrayal, jealousy. These negative emotions are holding me back and I can’t seem to find a source for them no matter how much I look internal. I’d love to know myself from a soul level and know what my purpose is. Please help me understand what is going on as I feel so lost. ~Diane, UK

ANSWER: You are hiding behind the definition you have attached to yourself – that of being hypersensitive. To be affected you have to allow yourself to engage in the energy around you. You always have the ability to put up shields and have that energy bounce off you. You have an intense curiosity and feel that if you are not aware of everything going on around you, you will miss something or get taken advantage of by someone.

In your practice of healing you have convinced yourself that in order to be of the most help, you need to take on the problems of your clients. Nothing is further from the truth. Healers are conduits for the Universal Life Force energy to cycle through you into the client. The rest of the process is up to the recipient to decide what to do with the healing. Stop being vested in the outcome. If they do not become “better,” it has nothing to do with you.

All these “feelings” you describe are lessons you wanted to understand. Some did come from past lives where you were unable to completely deal with them, and some are new to this life. The way to find the source of these emotions is to clear your mind of anything else and, taking one of them at a time, ask your unconscious where it first appeared in your life.

You will find they are each connected to a life issue with which you have avoided dealing. Examine the issue as if it belongs to someone else and advise yourself that it is only a lesson to be learned and understood. Once you see that it is nothing magical or controlling over you, then you can proceed and never have to see it again.