The many faces of your soul

QUESTION: Masters I wonder about parallel things; so when I write this, in this reality, am I the myself and how do the parallels, realities, and myselfs think in this moment? Are we all just One or do we all think that ourselves are the only one? How does this impact to all parallel existences myself when I focus on things such as the Violet fire and unconditional love? And is the de ja vu sensations because of changing from one reality to another parallel reality? How is this affected by the fact we are all One? ~Pekka, Finland

ANSWER: Your essence is that of energy. What you are aware of in this moment, your human body, is the conscious focus of your present. Looking to the side, away from this reality, you may partake in any of the other facets of the moment, a time shift you choose to enter, or another existence in the past, present, or future from this Earth moment in time.

Everything is energy and energy is everything. There is physical substance to something only if you believe there is and create it as part of your reality. You are aware of the fact that things in the physical plane are composed of molecules, which are mostly space – atoms circling a core. Without being configured by your consciousness, those molecules spin and join the rest of the energy around you and are not perceptible as a chair, a road, a person, or a blade of grass.

There is only one YOU. It is the soul itself that chooses what to perceive at what time. You have the ability to focus on whatever draws your attention at the moment. Everything you have ever done or experienced is a part of your memories. You may continue to explore where you have placed a physical aspect of yourself or let your consciousness wander off to relive and experience something else.

The soul is not bound by any of the laws of physics, or consigned to remain physical. When you go voyaging, you may do so and project a physical countenance or remain as an energetic shadow such as you do when dreaming, remote viewing, or astral projecting.

All souls are part of the energy of Source, so you may say they are all one. However, each piece that was broken off from Source has had its own experiences, and therefore its memories vary from those of others by the choices it has made. There is a collective memory, like an encyclopedia, wherein are recorded all the interactions of all the pieces of Source, and any soul may go and peruse that at will.

The record of each soul’s experiences is like a disc where all your accomplishments are saved. It may be viewed as parallel existences since you may hop from one to another merely by focusing on a particular part of the inscription.

The main difficulty you are having with these concepts is the limitation of being human. Your knowledge is limited to experiences that this physical body has gone through. To appreciate what a fantastic ability your soul affords you while still human, you need to let your body go during meditation, hypnosis, or conscious travel and let your higher self, or soul, instruct you.