My place in the world

QUESTION: Masters, with everything that is going on with the world that we are part of, most of the time feels like I’m living in a different one. Sounds a bit selfish just to focus on my life and my issues and not so much with what is happening around us since things in my country are pacific comparing to other countries. But I can’t stop feeling some fear and lack of trust in some decisions that governments are taking when I see people suffering because of it and it does affect us as a whole. The easy question would be How can we balance this? Just let things happen and then solutions will come up? Is there more we can do then just cleansing our Self? Sometimes feels that my perception is not clear enough. ~Ana, Portugal

ANSWER: The world in which humans exist is a specially created duality of negative and positive energies so that they might make decisions as to which they prefer and to establish their knowledge of their origin. This world, which we call the third dimension, is physical and remains so as long as people are still making choices between what you know as good and evil. It is ruled by judgment where everything is graded, rated, and judged. There is a definite right and wrong, as far as society is concerned, in every decision-making process.

The spiritual path, which each soul undertakes, is for the purpose of learning about what it means to be a soul with infinite power and coming to the realization and acceptance that that is your true essence. When one makes that awakening to self, they step away from the ego judgment of the rest of the world and become an observer. They watch what others are doing and how they are fulfilling the lesson choices that each has made.

You are stepping out of judgment and entering the phase of evaluation where you see what is happening but choose not to be a part of it, because you have learned it all just involves the spiritual paths of others. There is nothing selfish in this, just an acknowledgment that each soul has its own path and few intersect with the reason you came to Earth.

As an observer, you have a detachment from the emotional conflicts in which those embroiled in societal decision-making – i.e., the governments – are engaged. The suffering or trials in which many find themselves are created so they might have the life lessons for which they came. They can change their situation when they realize they have choices and choose to make them.

You cannot influence another unless they choose to be open to your suggestions. You can always send them unconditional love that they may understand what they are facing and learn the enclosed lesson so they can move forward. People are bringing to themselves the situations they need to experience so they may grow.