Dealing with attractions

QUESTION: Masters, thank you for your answers. I got married 7 yrs. ago with a person whom I loved but not willing to marry at the time of marriage but I was forced to marry by emotional blackmail and I had to accept. I tried going away from him few times but it never worked and I know the reason too as I went through few hypnosis sessions and saw the past. After knowing I thought he is my life and tried being with contentment. Now surprisingly another person came into my life and I
feel he is my twin flame as the emotions are so intense. He is too in commitment. I wanted to know my next step. ~Deepika, US

ANSWER: Life lessons have many layers to them. You are studying many things: romantic love, familial love, sexual attraction, emotional love, and energetic love. Your reactions to all of these can have beginnings, middles, and ends. What is fantastic for a while becomes boring, or the other person changes, and you find it time to move on to something else.

You also are dealing with control issues, how you let others dictate to you, and accepting that you have freedom of choice for what actions you take. Accepting that you can make choices brings in the need to feel comfortable with the responsibility for the outcome of those decisions. This is something you are just now realizing.

You are drawn to your husband because of the energy of past lives. In all those situations you were completely controlled by him, and since it worked then, you feel it is what you should do now. Don’t blindly agree to let this color your current decisions. The lessons you had in those lives had to do with realizing your own powers and taking your decision-making process back from others. You did not learn it then, and unless you make the move in this life, you will be seeing the same pattern in the future.

This new person is not your twin flame, but he is someone who cares for you without the element of trying to control you – that is why it feels so different. He is around to give you the sense of love without control. He is dealing with issues in his committed relationship that are similar to yours. You each have total freedom of choice, so what comes next is up to you.

This new sensation is love without demands. There are others who can elicit this same feeling from you if you give them the chance. It is time to evaluate your position with your husband, considering that he controls your world. Nothing is right or wrong in the process of learning, but you don’t have to stay stuck on one track; the future is up to you.