When is the time for divorce?

QUESTION: Masters my marriage is practically over but I am still with him because we have a baby together and I fear that she will suffer if we separate. I am kind of waiting for when she is a bit older so I can explain to her the situation. Am I making this right by her to stick with an unhappy marriage? My husband won’t change for the better so I can’t see any reconciliation. ~Adriana, Brazil

ANSWER: Children are extremely sensitive to the energies around them. They know how their parents are feeling about each other and how each is reacting to the actions of the other. Even as a baby she understands you are not happy. If the situation gets rougher as she ages, she may think your problems are brought on by her presence – which would be somewhat accurate in this case since you are staying in the negative marriage because of her.

It is true that your husband does not see that his behavior is causing distress. He is very egotistical and thinks you should change your expectations to fit with his actions. It is not that he could not change; he just won’t unless he changes his current way of looking at life. He is happy being a father as long as it does not interfere with what he wants to do.

When fetuses discuss their future before coming to Earth, they know the potential for difficulties they could face. Your daughter knew that entering your family could lead to a split within a short time after her arrival. Of course, she now has amnesia concerning that but did wish to see how she would handle this situation were it to occur.

Every soul has freedom of choice in directing their human life. Even with your daughter in the mix, you need to decide what the best outcome is for you. It will not be good for you to become more and more anxious and unhappy by imagining what is affecting your child and ignoring what is causing you to be miserable.