The “Creator”

QUESTION: Masters would you please tell us more about our creator? I know our creator is unconditional love … but does he/she actually live in a specific dimension? Does he/she communicate with us through a channel like you? Where did this loving being come from? How many creators exist in the universe? ~Rachel, Canada

ANSWER: The word “creator” causes some potential difficulties in understanding. Source, God, Creator – whatever term you prefer – did not create, generate, or fashion souls out of some other substance within the universe, but used its own essence and broke off, or separated, pieces of itself in order for them to have their own consciousness and experiences, which would vary from their Source’s own experiences.

The essence of Source is unconditional love, and it exists in a place that abounds in nothing but positive energy. It knows what it is but, never having existed in negativity, did not appreciate the powers and abilities it possessed when having to make choices to remain in positivity. For example, one who has only lived in a temperate climate has no idea what it is like to freeze and cope in blustery winter weather.

“Dimensions” are not physical places. Source and its separated souls do not have corporal bodies unless they choose to come into a planet such as Earth. They are amorphous, cloud-like masses of energy that can be in one location or many, depending on their wishes.

When we speak of dimensions, we refer mostly to the “locations” or stages along the journey of a soul from unconditional love, through negativity and its working through lessons, to its return to unconditional love. We also use the term to distinguish among a physical being, a physical being who spends a good deal of time in unconditional love, and a soul existing solely in the nonphysical state of unconditional love.

Source is aware of everything that occurs, wherever it may be happening. On occasion, it has a desire to communicate with souls having physical experiences, and it does so generally by transferring thoughts to that person. Most of the time it will observe and watch as each soul’s individual guides intercede and establish physical-to-nonphysical communication.

Source just “IS” – it has always been and will always be. It is the single and only energy source of everything that exists within our universe.