Menopause and romance

QUESTION: Masters I’m 50+ single woman and I lost sexual desires after menopause. I wonder if I’ll ever have romantic relationship again. I have platonic “companion”, who is formally married, and will never divorce and I wonder if this friendship blocks me from meeting my soulmate and contributes to my lack of passion? I also wonder about karmic nature of our relationship and our past lives together. ~Irina, USA

ANSWER: Romantic love is an all-encompassing physical body involvement. The human body is engaged not only with the nervous system responses to the act, but also the emotions (mentally and physiologically), the egoic mental thought capabilities, and the spiritual-energetic layer are all reacting to the union. The body, mind, and spirit are constantly judging the performance of the joining. If the person is not totally available to concentrate on the desired end result, the fireworks do not go off.

When a body is in prime condition, the emotions are somewhat governed by the release of hormones within the body, mostly in an unconscious manner. Menopause shuts down the endocrine system, and the physical body has to work harder to produce stimulation that automatically flowed before.

It is not a hopeless ending but something that has to be recreated physically. Once the body “remembers” what it once experienced, it is possible to recapture that euphoria. It is like riding a bicycle – once learned, it is always possible. How you perform and think about the action is another thing entirely.

Your platonic companion is not preventing you from finding another relationship unless you allow that companionship to be all that you believe you deserve. You have to engage your creativity to manifest a lover. Believe you deserve one, visualize in what manner he will appear, then make yourself available to meet him.

There is not just one person out there who may provide for your physical needs. Most lovers are not soul mates but souls who have the same desires and needs as you. There is no such thing as karma, which implies a judgment or punishment. Each soul creates its own reality and has total freedom of choice in what it brings into its life. Past lives are not a consideration in your current life.