Sharing unconditional love

QUESTION: Masters there is a point of light within your soul(s) that shines out to all. When you amplify this light with conscious prayer what is the effect on humanity’s spiritual growth? ~Samuel, UK

ANSWER: Every soul is a piece of Source consisting of unconditional love. The soul  chooses how much of this love or light it wishes to absorb in the physical and how much it will show or project to others. This energy shines forth from those who have rid themselves of negativity and embraced positive judgment and ego-free lives. For each iota of negative thoughts and actions that remain, the light is dimmed and has to fight to be seen and/or felt.

In society, where negativity is the default setting for souls having a physical experience since that is how all life lessons are presented to them, one must work on a recognition of their true core of light before it can be made apparent to anyone else. Merely acknowledging that you are light and love is worthless until you clear the way for it to emerge.

When you concentrate on becoming this light, with your intention, it can blast through the darkness and materialize to those who accept that it exists and are not totally covered in negative darkness themselves. A soul arising from the third-dimensional muck will feel the light before it is ever visible to them. It will be felt as love being projected into their lives. They have the ability to absorb the positive energy and use it to clear some of their own negativity so that they may recognize the potential in reinforcing their own essence.

Each soul must make its own decisions and choices regarding its spiritual growth. While sending massive amounts of unconditional love into society may assist a small minority of people to accept that their journey is being directed by their decisions, it will have little effect upon the masses. No one can cause others to do anything they do not want to do. Providing love will not force people to give up their ego judgment unless they are ready.