The soul is having a physical experience

QUESTION: Masters, I’m in a very happy and perfect marriage, and share a spiritual bond with my husband. But why do I keep on getting attracted to people who cannot be a part of my life? I have spent years pining for people I have loved at some point in my life. Right now I’m totally smitten by someone – will culminate into something? While this is happening I’m also perfectly aware of my spiritual mission. Why does lust play such a major role in my life while another part of my being is deeply spiritual? ~Anuraj, India

ANSWER: You have convinced yourself that a spiritual person is “pure” in thought and deed; that is not necessarily true. A soul who is having a human experience is subjected to all of the possible sensations only a human can have. You have decided that if you are spiritual you will have romantic feelings only for one person, particularly if you are married. Well, you are not dead to the other energies around you.

The spiritual journey you are experiencing includes all the various yearnings you sense. There are no rules and no rights or wrongs in living a human life. Society tries to instruct you in the ideas it thinks will maintain the order and control it wishes to exert. That does not mean you have to follow any of its suggestions unless you have adopted its rules to be a part of your personal belief system of behavior.

You are a romantic and a dreamer. Just as some people read books or watch movies to fulfill their need for sensations, you rely on past acquaintances and sometimes just people you think would provide you with an adventure. Your current “smitten” choice is an infatuation you sense could contribute to your level of experience.

Lust is not a problem here since you are not going out and jumping into physical unions with every member of the opposite sex who comes your way. It is easy to convince yourself that what you do not possess will be fantastic, because you are not dealing with the other’s issues and you have romanticized what could possibly occur if you got together.

Start living in the present. Acknowledge what is in fact a part of your world. Discuss with your husband that you need more excitement in your life.