Believing in yourself

QUESTION: Masters, my husband and I have recently been discovering our spirituality and it feels great! Our relationship has been tested over time. We are an interracial couple, together for 7 years and his family disapproves of us because I am not from their caste. Our differences were never an issue to us and we are way better people together than we were apart. We eloped one year ago. His family still doesn’t know and still dislike me because of my race. How can my soul grow from this? Right now I’m having a hard time not being angry at them. How can I learn to let go and forgive? My husband on the other hand is such a forgiving, kind soul. He really is my better half. ~Holly, USA

ANSWER: Congratulations on living your own life and not listening totally to the prejudices of others. You and your husband chose your diversity as the impediment for your life lessons. You made a contract before coming to Earth to make this so and to be there for each other.

Spirituality deals primarily with getting to understand who you are as a soul and stepping away from the societal norms, which are governed by the ego. The ego uses judgment to make all its decisions. People take a particular “side” about everything: it is good or bad, better than or less than, right or wrong. This forms the basis of their personality and the way they interact with others.

Spirituality steps away from judgment and uses evaluation instead. The only question becomes: Is that a place I think I can learn something, or is it something I wish to stay away from? Nothing is right or wrong in the spiritual sense; it is merely a lesson someone has chosen to learn. You then become a “witness” to the choices others have made about their opinions, without judging if they differ from your own.

Your journey is defining who you wish to be and accepting who you are. You let go of the way others think your life should be; that is their problem to deal with, not yours. Don’t worry about the insensitivity of your in-laws. Be yourself, be happy, live your life.

Your soul grows with each bit of wisdom it takes in. The fact that you can only live your own life and can never affect another’s unless they allow you to is a fantastic realization. Let go of trying to control or convert your husband’s family – they have to make their own decisions and learn to live with them. Decide to be unaffected by their tunnel vision. They can’t see the love you share with your beautiful mate because they are blinded by their rigid upbringing. Don’t let any of this tarnish your life and love.