Seeing the present clearly

QUESTION: Masters, I feel something hinders me from getting hired, as much as I’d love to have an enjoyable job. I have tried to pinpoint out the blockage, but I can’t tell it myself: Is it lack of self-esteem, not having clear enough visions of what I want (meaning I can’t create anything), problems of allowing things to happen, problems of accepting money, concentration on wrong things, getting comfortable with current situation etc. I’d appreciate your view from outside of me, so I can charge forward again. I know I can create whatever I want. ~Maarit, Finland

ANSWER: You have severe doubts about yourself and your abilities. When you try to visualize something to manifest it into your life, you are also thinking: “Yeah, like that is really going to happen,” or “I can’t possibly do that,” or “I’m not good enough for that.” This is not only a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem but a denial of who you are as a soul – a piece of Source.

As a soul you have all the powers and abilities of which Source is composed. In order to use any of them, you first have to accept that you possess these traits. After accepting that they are within you, you have to believe you can use them for your own benefit. Next, convince yourself that you can use them, and start in small ways, like bringing to yourself specific opportunities for work and finances.

In order to work with your abilities, you have to want to change from the location you occupy now. It has become too comfortable for you to live in the fear and not have to do anything about it. The fears and the doubts are your life lessons, and they will stick around until you face them and tell them to leave.

You can do this by asking yourself where they came from and what is holding them to you. They are all negative in nature and you have to choose to be positive to chase them off. Examine your thoughts about these doubts and state to yourself how you wish things really were. See a positive result and put intentional energy into it.

Money is nothing more than a return for the services that you provide. If you do something for someone or some business, they reciprocate by paying you what the service is worth. Expect and rejoice in your receipts.