Entering the video game

QUESTION: Masters sometimes I think of human life as a video game, or like a movie script. Does that make sense? If it does, it would be like ourselves (our part at source) we created for our own entertainment? It’s because? We come to have experiences in duality, but what is the need that an essentially perfect source fragment has to improve or pursue growth? Grow when one is already complete and perfect? ~Marcio, Brazil

ANSWER: You are a soul having a human experience. Your soul never dies or changes; you simply make different choices of what you wish to experience. You are, therefore, like the protagonist in a series of plays or video games. Each life on Earth is a new part in which to fit the situations you wish to face for your learning.

Most people don’t think of their battles to learn lessons in the negativity of Earth as entertainment, but when your soul returns Home, it frequently would agree with that assessment.

All souls have access to all the knowledge experienced by other souls living their own series of human lives. In the physical, knowledge is found in books, videos, Wikipedia, and YouTube. But how much of that knowledge is understood by people unless they have experienced it for themselves? They have the knowledge, but not the wisdom to apply that knowledge for their own use.

You can read all about running a marathon, about the “wall” you reach after a great distance, about pacing, about hydration and nutrition, but until you actually run the race you do not have the wisdom of the process. Each human life is a search for wisdom that can be used and applied to subsequent lives.

Source and the pieces of Source know only perfection; they have not experienced activities in life to allow them to know what to do when faced with a particular situation in physical life that is not perfection. If you have only ever lived in a moderate weather zone, you do not know how to deal with super-hot, freezing, or cyclonic conditions.

You can dress as if you understand the situation, or talk as if you have done the deed, but until you have the experience, you can’t duplicate the results or feelings of a participant.