Life as a spirit and heart surgery

QUESTION: Masters can you describe to us what some of you do in your existence in your non-linear nonphysical forms? (i.e. apart from answering people’s questions here.) Do some of you even have a sense of humor? What I have noticed is that all your answers come across as quite blunt. I think if it was me answering these people I would definitely come across as more softer sounding (just giving you guys some advice)!!!  ~S, New Zealand

ANSWER: If you were having heart surgery, would you want the surgeons to be jovial, telling jokes, and more involved in cheering everyone up than absorbed in their actions, or would you want them serious and totally concentrating on restoring you to health?

People generally write to us to assist with understanding life or to help untangling the lessons they chose for themselves. Frivolity does enter into some of our answers, but only to those questions asked with a lack of sincerity or with an attempt to undermine what others think of us, or those from folks who need fun poked at them because they are way too serious to enjoy this life they have chosen.

People come to us for teaching, and that is what we attempt to provide – in a manner in which they will feel the answers. By and large, left to our own devices, we are a fun-loving, unconditionally loving, cheery lot. But we generally do not mix business and pleasure.

When a soul leaves the human body it has inhabited, it reverts to its essential form, which is shapeless energy. In this state it is possible to join with energy in multiple places in the universe at the same time. You can observe Earth and those you left behind, work on understanding what you learned during your life, and renew friendships.

Some research what types of experiences they have not had and decide if they would like to try a variation of what they observe others doing. At the same time, they visit with other souls they know and talk over what was good and not so good about their previous lives. They thank those who have assisted them in their studies and make agreements to assist others or have them work on a desired plan with them in the future.