QUESTION: Hello, All evidence points to the fact that this is bunkum. A good friend has asked me to be more open minded and has said that this site will do so. I see nothing here that changes my opinion. The burden of proof is with you so please therefore answer the question I need answered. Be specific, why am I in such pain? I fully expect you not to be able to answer my question or to get it right so surprise me. I think without proof of your claims your advice is very dangerous and I worry about the teachings you pass on to my friend. Peace and love to you. ~Matt, UK

ANSWER: In our writings we are not trying to tell you what to think or what to do. We have no doctrines, belief systems, rituals, or requirements for you to get a benefit from our advice. We are a large group of nonphysical spirits, most of whom have spent hundreds of lives on your planet Earth and have mastered the gathering of wisdom from the lessons we have learned and understood while in physical form – basically learning to reject negativity.

Our purpose now is to pass on our knowledge of what worked in our lives – not as the only way you might get assistance or relief, but as an example of what might work for you. We will never tell you that you must do something; in fact, frequently we give information on several directions from which you might benefit.

We cannot come unsolicited but must be asked for assistance. All our advice is given with the caveat that you should see how our words feel to you and follow them only if they resonate with you. The advice might not apply at the moment but may be the solution at a later time. If it doesn’t feel good at all, throw it away.

Earth is a duality of positive and negative energies. Spirits exist at our point of origin in perfect, unconditionally loving energy. Souls (spirits) go to Earth to understand they have total freedom of choice to learn what they wish to experience. Lessons, as we call these teachings, come by way of a negative environment where you decide what is “right” for your life. This is done through facing the fears and the doubts and going deeper into them or rejecting them and finding the inner love.

A whole series of lessons were chosen by you that incorporated mental, emotional, and physical pains. Tied up in these sensations are self-worth, guilt, confidence, and need-for-forgiveness issues. You are deep in the Earth (third-dimensional) energy of ego where everything is judged, rated, and graded. We advise you to drop judgment and just evaluate if a situation is working for you or if you should try something else. Get out of your head and into your heart.