Didn’t listen to guides

QUESTION: Masters, I was guided by my spirit guides, however I did not follow them as I was influenced by negative energies. It has affected my life and my family members as well. I wasn’t doing spiritual practice at that time, hence couldn’t remember at the right time. My mind was completely clouded with negative energies. What should I do now, as I have gone quite against what was told to me. What I was told to avoid. My destiny has completely changed due to the negative energies affecting my life. Will GOD forgive me for all the mistakes I have made? What should I do to go on the right path now? Also, would like to know does a soul die if the soul does not follow the righteous path? ~LVM, India

ANSWER: You have all the answers to create a solution for future movement and understanding. Use the knowledge you have. You are aware that negativity defeats any good aspects of growth, so start from there. Even if those around you spend all their time in negativity, you don’t have to do the same.

Start the new part of your life by acknowledging when you are in negativity, sending it packing, and resetting your life into positive, unconditional love. If you sense fear or doubt, you are in negativity. If you feel euphoric or blissful, you are in positive love. Be aware of how you feel all the time and you may direct your life as the guides had advised you.

Life contains no mistakes that God or anyone else needs to forgive. Life lessons are trials that allow you to see what works well in your life and you wish to continue doing. Negativity just shows you things you do not have to repeat, but they are not mistakes. People only truly learn from the instances that do not work out for them.

Before coming to Earth you decide things you would like to try. You do not set up a single path you do not want to deviate from. Some of the negativity experiences are on your path so you may learn. There is no righteous path. Souls never die; they just go into another body and begin something new.