Ancestral karma

QUESTION: Masters, my adult son has suffered from what appears to be diabetes 2 for a few years. Intuition tells him that prescribed medicines do not help. Thus he has paid close attention to diet and followed an exercise regime to stabilize blood sugar levels. However he has lost too much weight. I have noticed that he is a Spiritual person and have encouraged exploration of this path. He has noticed that his life mimics mine in many ways – one of them being bad health. I found a path through Chronic Fatigue that is Spiritual so I am curious if his illness is directing him to do the same? I am not seeking a solution to my sons health problems but I am curious if this is maybe unresolved Ancestral Karma and interested in the potentials and the lessons being learnt here please? ~Rex, England

ANSWER: Awareness of all aspects of one’s human shell is a phase of enlightenment. Everything that people experience is by choices made prior to coming to Earth and is therefore part of their spiritual path.

Interpretations of physical afflictions are misunderstood by most people, who just want someone outside themselves, such as a medical doctor, to take responsibility for treatment and tell them what to do. It is generally a lesson in self-exploration and understanding to be able to connect physical problems with emotional and spiritual practices to bring the body back into balance.

There is no such thing as ancestral karma. In a human lineage the DNA carries various potentials for physical illnesses and deformities. A soul may choose to enter into a particular family in order to experience the weaknesses of that strain of cells, but it has nothing to do with a punishment (karma). Your son shares some physical weaknesses carried within the DNA that are shaping his spiritual path and lessons.

Your son’s difficulties are present for him to see what is there, decide what needs to be done, and have the confidence and fortitude to carry through with the process. This is the journey of enlightenment. It is up to him to decide the methods for processing his voyage.

Share your expedition with him, not as the only way to reach completion but as an example of what worked for you.