Religious fanaticism and ascension

QUESTION: Masters, ISIS has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. It seems as though they are such a force for destruction and oppression, that they are psychopaths hiding behind the banner of Islam. How do they fit into the bigger picture of Earth’s ascension into a higher dimension? ~Alissa, Israel

ANSWER: Most of the conflicts played out on your planet since its colonization are the result of ideologies, mostly of a religious ilk. As their underlying philosophy is purity of race or religion, fanatics feel a need to destroy anything that is not part of their group. Power and control are their ultimate goal. To change public opinion and get others to accept their beliefs, they use the weapons of destruction and fear.

These fanatics are blinded by the belief systems to which they are pledged. Their judgmental egos empower them to do all in the name of their god. They do not fear physical death; martyrdom is seen as the ultimate honoring of their religion.

They are not concerned with anyone but themselves and therefore are not part of any planet-wide spiritual process. Their only purpose, in regard to those seeking ascension, is to show the extremes of third-dimensional radicals and their total disregard for returning to Source energy. This adds another layer to human souls’ yearning and understanding of their essence of unconditional love.

This is another cycle of the kind that has occurred since the forming of belief systems from earliest historical times. It has involved Christians, Jews, Islamists, Gnostics, Wiccans, and any non-prevailing religion in an area. With modern-day communications and transportation, geographical boundaries have been forgotten and planet-wide campaigns predominate.

Every ascension process is a solo journey engaged in by a single soul. The planet itself will not ascend because it is needed as a continuing classroom for those who wish to experience negativity. Everyone creates one’s own reality and path to return Home.

Trying to make sense of ISIS policies and a connection to ascension is similar to having a nursery scholar take university courses. Fanatics see only what they choose to see or accept and are impossible to reason with unless they want to change.