Conflict between judgment and evaluation

QUESTION: Masters, The laws of the universe and the laws of earth seem to be in conflict. According to your statements: ‘there is no heaven or hell, no judgment, no punishment, no pain, no karma and only earth contains negativity. When our earth life ends we enter into seamless, unconditional love.’ So therefore people who lived as murderers, thieves, torturers and hedonists, who were never caught on earth, receive no consequence? So saints and martyrs like Jesus and Mother Teresa receive the exact same results upon death as the most heinous criminal? Therefore it does not matter what you choose or how you live as a human, at death we are all rewarded? (Is this true?) Then why do some humans hang around the dark energy of earth after they die? Why don’t they immediately immerse themselves in unconditional love? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Individual souls came into existence by being separated from Source energy so that Source might have experiences to learn what is the opposite of its perfection. All souls have the same essence of unconditional love while not playing a part in some learning experience in the duality of Earth. When souls incarnate into a body in the positive / negative energies of Earth, they are merely playing a role on the stage of egotistical, judgmental human society. The souls’ essence always remains the same – unconditional love.

Just as actors are not the heroes or villains they portray, souls never lose their unconditionally loving essence or change into the cynical, maniacal, bloodthirsty horrors they depict on Earth. The roles that are played on Earth are chosen by unconditionally loving souls to experience so they might learn from the diversity. The soul who chooses to be a Hitler in one life and a Mother Teresa in the next is the same loving soul when each life is finished.

The absence of punishment is not a reward. The concept of punishment needs a judgmental system in order to operate, and there is no judgmental system outside of Earth. Once the soul leaves its temporary shell or body, it exists only with its loving essence. What matters in living as a human is learning the lessons chosen by one’s soul to advance one’s wisdom, and working toward replacing negativity with positivity.

It is difficult to accept these concepts since you are looking at them with the judgmental societal view by which you live your life. When one’s emotions are involved, wanting, needing, or even demanding retribution or punishment is part of the requirement of the ego, where everything is judged, rated, and graded.

Some souls have been so involved in negativity while on Earth that they forget about unconditional love and seek to stay in the negativity that they feel gives them power and control. They remain there until they finally decide to move on.