Slipping dimensions and time

QUESTION: Masters, I have had 2 experiences: after meditating w/a friend – I turned the light back on, heard a popping sound & the room vanished in a gray mist & then reappeared after 15 seconds. My friend said I had disappeared during that time. Another time I was in massage class lying on the table – my fellow student placed her hands on my head & the room promptly disappeared for her. My eyes were closed & I was unaware this had happened until she gasped & abruptly took her hands off my head She said the room vanished – we were in a forest & I was wearing white buckskin attire. Can you explain what that was? ~Mj, USA

ANSWER: You have the ability to move a tremendous amount of energy when you meditate or consciously choose to work with energy. The difference between the present time, connecting with your past lifetimes, and entering the dimension of nonphysical souls is the intensity of the frequency of your energy. When you meditate you are able to go into the unconditional love of the fifth dimension (Home) and bask in that feeling.

When you came out of your meditation, in which you had been in that fifth dimension, you slipped for a few moments back into it, transporting your body with you. Your intention at that time was to be in your physical form and interacting in the third dimension, so you came right back.

The amount of energy you give off can send someone else into another time or place. During the massage you were totally relaxed, intending to fully enjoy the process, so you drifted or slipped into the place of no time where all existences meet, and your energy took your fellow student with you.

All of a soul’s prior lifetimes exist at the same time in what you know as Earth linear time. That is how it is possible for a person to access past lives during total relaxation, deep meditation, or hypnosis. You took her back with you to a life from a more primitive existence.

There is nothing to fear in this ability; it is a way to visit your past lives and learn about the lessons you completed and the abilities you mastered. This will give you much more information about yourself and this journey you are on.