Knowing the future

QUESTION: Masters, my wife Peggy and myself have worked as clairvoyant mediums for about twenty years and we get a constant stream of people coming for private readings, although we do not advertise. My wife has now got incurable cancer and is having treatment to control its progress. The treatment does seem to be working, very slowly and I wonder if the Masters have any comments on her condition? I am wondering about the future and our Spiritual progress also what the future would be without my wife? ~Graham, UK

ANSWER: You and your wife have been very useful intermediaries between Earth and us. We thank you for all you have done and will continue to do if you so choose. Mixed in with the wonderful life you have enjoyed together has been a series of lessons. Your wife’s cancer is yet another one.

You have been strong as a pair, and now your lessons are individual. As she deals with the mental, emotional, and spiritual trials of this disease, you have become her witness, observing and supporting her choices. You are also faced with the inability to help her as you have done so very many times during your marriage. This is your lesson of experiencing lack of control and not having a way out of it.

Both of you are extremely strong people who have helped a lot of clients, and now you need to recall the advice you have received for others in this same situation. You are a soul having a physical experience. As a soul you have the same powers as Source energy. You can manifest, create, and in all cases exercise freedom of choice.

Replace any negative thoughts or stumbling blocks with positive, loving energy. Don’t accept a negative destination because society has said it is so. Reject negativity and promote positivity.

One of the possible conclusions for this current action is your wife returning to us before you. This was a known scenario before you came to Earth. You had considered experiencing the rebuilding of a new life without her, but it is not a forgone conclusion because of freedom of choice and the use of the powers and abilities of your essence.