Sex of twin flames and soul mates

QUESTION: Masters, there is a possibility of people of the same sex being soul mates? I have a friend, she is 16 years younger than me, we met on the web and after that we have found many things that helped on our spiritual path, spiritual things seem to be easier after we met. We live far apart and I feel like we will never meet physically. She is very sensitive to spiritual things, we are very connected despite our differences in age, personality and spiritual abilities. If we are not soul mates, why do we have such strong connection? ~Luciana, Brazil

ANSWER: You and your web mate are from the same soul group and have spent several lives together. This life, you decided that with technology you would be able to assist each other with your enlightenment processes without having to be in the same place at the same time.

The essence of all souls is an energetic, unconditionally loving intelligence. Without coming to Earth and incarnating (that is, entering a human body), the soul is without the distinction that you know as human genders. Without a body, age, sex, nationality, or any other characteristic with which you identify a particular person is irrelevant. Energy is energy.

Even when we discuss a twin flame, the last spark of Source from which you divided into your individuality, there is no talking about a particular sexual orientation. If, which is unusual, you are on the planet at the same time as your twin, you may both be the same sex and any age or nationality. Each of you has total freedom of choice to decide what you desire to experience while on Earth.

Your strong connection is a combination of your knowledge of each other from prior lives and the interest you share in finding information about your spiritual journeys. It is like being two members of a club, where age and sex are irrelevant; the subject matter being discussed becomes the only pertinent thing.