Loss of faith and connection

QUESTION: Masters, before I used to feel God inside of me and around me. I used to see God everywhere and I don’t know how or why I just can’t feel God anymore, I’m feeling depressed! I just want to stay in bed using my computer; I don’t want meditate or pray… What’s happening? ~Rafaella, Brazil

ANSWER: What has happened is that you evolved, got more serious about what you could actually feel as opposed to what others told you that you could feel, found it was more difficult, freaked out, and got lazy.

You are a magnificent soul who is a piece of Creator, or God, and resides in you in the form of unconditional love. You have been told since childhood that God is with you, which you accepted, and you decided that good feeling of unconditional love was God.

As you have matured, you have begun to question everything you have been told and have read. The impression of God as a man outside of you, attired in a long white robe, with white hair and a beard, who is judgmental about all things, just didn’t sit too well.

As you have begun to feel the difference between negative and positive styles of living, and realized all souls do have the freedom to choose to live as they want, you have decided it is too much work to make all those decisions and accept all that responsibility. It is easier to do mind-numbing things on your computer or simply to hide your head under the covers.

The depression comes from the fact that you no longer have a set of impressions or beliefs by which to determine your behavior. To move forward you have to make some choices for your life. Accept that there is unconditionally loving energy within you that is the same as all the unconditionally loving energy in the universe. This is the composition of what you felt as “God” in the past. It is still with you.

Anything that is fearful is a part of a life lesson you chose to learn. Yes, this phase you are in right now is nothing more than a lesson for you to understand and see your way to positive energy ridding your world of fears and doubts.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself because no one is there to hold your hand – they really are. Your guides are present to help you if you ask them to. Start right now living in the present. Get rid of any ideas or notions you had from the past. Don’t create expectations for what the future should be. Merely live in the present by taking inventory of yourself and how you feel about your world.

If something is fearful or negative, reject it and bring the opposite sensations into your life.