Should I walk in to change my future?

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been told that I am from the angelic realm and I have incarnated voluntarily to help heal the planet with my Twin flame who I met 5 years ago but we were forced apart through a curse which traumatized me and caused a miscarriage. Was this all part of our original soul plan and are we still planned to reunite? I have tried to be strong but have lost something along the way. I have been considering a walk in to at least enable the chance to complete a successful mission. Do you think this is a wise choice? ~Marisa, Malta

ANSWER: All souls incarnate voluntarily, and a large number choose to help the planet and its inhabitants in finding themselves and healing their problems. You have first to work on and complete the life lessons you picked before you can enter into service work. First is assuming responsibility for the situation you created in your life.

The one you believe is your twin flame is only a soul mate with whom you contracted traumatic activities to see how you could deal with them. No curse, per se, was involved – just the planning you and he had chosen. The miscarriage was something you wished to experience to see if you could emotionally and mentally handle the results. Assigning blame to an imagined curse is denying the facts. Go into the energy around the event and see why you have been unable to forgive yourself.

You did not plan to reunite after the miscarriage but it is always possible since both of you have freedom of choice. He has moved on, but you find it impossible to do so. What you have lost is the sense of self. Who are you? Who do you feel you are? You rely on something you were told instead of doing the work to ferret out your true essence. You are the only one who knows who you truly are.

You must start by loving yourself. Accept that everything that has occurred was for learning. Being a walk-in would mean entering a different body with its own memories and prior events. Someone who walked into your body would have your history and continue on with this present life.

Your successful mission is to get as much out of this life as possible. You have no responsibility for anyone else, just for you. Don’t think about others until you know exactly what your lessons taught you. This is your journey.