More on “Amnesia as a tool” (22 April)

QUESTION: Masters, sure I understand about giving the answers before a test, but most people don’t realize there’s a “test,” so to speak, or that they are meant to be learning something. Is that what we’re meant to wake up to?     ~Josh, Australia

Masters, I found your insights to be very interesting about amnesia. My question is then why do past-life regressions? They are often helpful to resolve some karmic issues and release some emotional pain from past lives, but should we avoid them since we are supposed not to remember?  ~Nathalie, UK

ANSWER: We are glad that this response provoked additional thoughts-way to go out there! Josh, you are meant to wake up to the fact that each life you lead is to learn lessons. The whole life experience is to awaken to the fact that you are an eternal soul and that you have had many prior lifetimes and that this one can be more fulfilling if you get to know yourself as that soul.

“Test,” which includes the right and wrong answer to a dilemma, may be kind of a harsh word. It, of course, implies that judgment is a part of that experience, and that is true only until you recognize your soul’s journey and leave judgment for the evaluation of unconditional love. The amnesia is dissipated as the knowledge of your true essence comes forward. Or rather, wake up and smell the coffee you put on during your last lifetime!

Nathalie, past-life regressions are generally done by people who have come to the understanding that they are immortal souls. They have become aware of having memories that are hidden under a veil of amnesia, and they are searching for the keys to unlock their pasts. Most of the past-life regression sessions that they will undertake are governed by their higher selves so that they get directed to the specific issues that will help them complete their uncompleted life lessons.

There is no rule that you should not remember your past experiences, only that you should be the one to know that they are there, and make the positive effort to go search for them. The purpose of a human life is to learn as much about the nature of the soul as is humanly possible.

The first step is always to acknowledge that you have a soul. That is the first phase of awakening. The second step is to take any means available to learn as much as you can about the nature of self. Past-life regressions are an excellent means to that end. Your own soul, through your higher self, will not allow you to go beyond where you are ready to be in that search.