Anger has power

QUESTION: Masters, my mother is attention seeking, manipulative and egotistical. I always felt sorry for her and thought she couldn’t help herself. But after half a century of observation, I no longer believe her behavior is due to ignorance or helplessness. Recently she again humiliated me in front of others and recruited them to do so also. So I disconnected and distanced myself from her. I am now being attacked nightly by some being or beings that dive-bomb me. This happens every time I disconnect from my mother after her bad behavior. Is my mother doing this to me? Or is she sending some beings to do this to me? Is she spiritually-psychically attacking me? I hear her telepathically and continuously telling me to call her. The phone works both ways. But my mother believes she is superior to me and that I owe her my very existence, therefore it my job to prostrate myself by calling her. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Your mother has spent her entire lifetime perfecting manipulation through the use of negativity and joining with negative spirits to increase her strength. You were fed a belief system that made you subservient and weak as long as you gave in o all your mother’s wishes. You never thought life was any other way than your household showed. She also threw in a guilt trip with her teachings so that if you even thought about fighting her behavior, you would deduce she had no choice because it was the way she was raised and she was helpless to change.

You have been no end of entertainment for your mother. She has fed off your discomfort all these years. The more embarrassment she can cause you, with your response of feeling humiliated, the stronger the negative energy she is able to absorb from your aura. An additional burst of your energy goes to her whenever you give in and acknowledge her professed superiority by giving into her demands.

She has a very powerful psychic ability because she super-charges it with negative beings that assist her with her torment. You have been trained to allow her thoughts to permeate your mind. This makes you subject to her and able to feel the lackeys that she sends to do her bidding. If you wish to stop being bothered by these beings, surround yourself with white light and ask the archangels and beings of the light to protect you from this assault. The entities do not like candlelight and the smell of sage. You can discourage them with burning candles and sage incense and having clear quartz crystals around.

It is time to make your own beliefs. She will never change from her current behavior. If you want a change, you are going to have to sever contact and block her psychically. Start building up your positive energy to stop her negativity. Do this by ridding your life and mind of any negative thoughts. See yourself happy, content, and in charge of your own life. You have no spiritual obligation to her whatsoever.