You create your reality

QUESTION: Masters, is it possible for you to explain in a very basic way about multiple or parallel realities or different timelines? I know our linear minds find it hard to grasp or believe?! Also spirit has told me about me being a facet of a certain person in history. Is this information true? ~S., New Zealand

ANSWER: We will attempt to fulfill your wish, but it is very difficult since we will be explaining a concept in words that do not adequately describe the situation. A soul is energy. Wherever it focuses its conscious energy from within a physical body, that is where it believes it is existing. In point of fact, the soul is not physical but energetic and must hold itself consciously in a physical form, or it can drift to any other place it chooses. The different focuses may be called timelines or parallel dimensions.

An example of this phenomenon is the awareness physical people are able to connect with while under hypnosis during a past-life regression, while having an out-of-body experience, or during a psychotic break in which they become aware of various lives they have had while still conscious. When you are living a life, you are creating the illusion you wish to have to complete your experiences, and this illusion becomes your reality.

All knowledge that a soul has experienced, from the current life or any other, is contained in its memory. If you think of this memory as a compact disc, all your knowledge is there, but you determine which particular single experience you want to bring forward into consciousness by “reading” just that section of the disc. While you are concentrating on the moment, every other experience is all still there, just not in your awareness.

You have been many different people in the past. You have lived entire lives and tiny facets of a life upon which you wished to concentrate. It is all in your memory, on your disc—or as we say, part of your akashic record.