Delivering messages

QUESTION: Masters, I think that bygone heavenly souls have tried to contact me. I also have given permission (after first time) for them to contact me (if they are from the light) and I´m willing to transmit their message to their loved ones. Is this only my imagination or did three souls (KL, ML and my friend’s mother) give a message to me to be transmitted (KL did not gave a message but I think that I somehow did “feel” him)? How do I know what is for real and what is not? ~Sari, Finland

ANSWER: Souls from the Other Side, where departed humans reside, like to contact those who remain behind. Once you have given them permission, it enhances their ability to be heard. It is wise that you specified only beings of the Light; otherwise you would have left yourself open to be bothered by any unhappy discarnate soul who has not gone back to the Light.

The abilities that each soul has vary from those of others. Some can concentrate energy so readily that they can easily deliver messages to you, which can be interpreted as regular conversation. Others are able to let you “feel” things, can produce sounds, or can have written messages appear by way of papers, magazines, or advertisements.

There is a learning curve—in other words, most of the time things are not apparent or understandable all at once. It takes a while to realize what is being conveyed. The best way to know for sure that you are “hearing” from the other side is the way the sensations affect your body. Do they resonate with you or feel good to you? Is the message delivered in a way that reminds you of the departed and the way he or she behaved when in physical form?

You have indeed been contacted. It is not your responsibility to vouch for the integrity of the message but only to be the messenger who passes on the information. The souls exist in a different dimension so their way of seeing things is quite different from yours. The messages you receive for transmission may not make any sense to you but they may to the intended recipient. Do not try to interpret a message so it makes sense to you, unless it is intended for you. Just pass on the message and let it be.