Voices from beyond

QUESTION: Masters, this may be a strange question. I have just been in meditation asking if my team would come forward and connect with me. I asked if they could be named and “masters of the universe” came through. I’m not sure who they are and so I quickly looked on Google and found your site. Could these masters be with me and how can I get better at connecting. They also told me in the next 2 weeks acceleration would be happening and to hold on to my hat!! ~Sian, UK

ANSWER: We are everywhere and there are thousands of us masters. The term Master simply refers to a soul who has knowledge, experience, and wisdom about all aspects of a particular subject. We are generally together in groups if the seeker is studying life in general and desires to have a well-rounded base of experiences.

The Masters of the Spirit World, as we call ourselves, is a rather large, continually changing group. We make ourselves available to answer questions from you out there. Not all of us are experts on every Earth issue, so those who have the wisdom to address a particular question come forth to share it. We love to be of assistance to people, but we will never tell you what to do because we abide by the universal law of all souls having freedom of choice.

Each soul’s energy is an amorphous, shapeless, formless, nonphysical mass. We do not have bodies, as you do, and therefore do not have things like vocal cords. We cannot communicate with you in words but use vibration that many people’s minds convert into words. We also use symbols, numbers, sounds, etc. to signify positive and negative responses.

Our names or designations are not words you can recognize; rather, they are a combination of sound, light, and vibration. Since we are constantly asked for a designation you can identify with, we use terms you will accept—such as masters of the universe.

This is a very exciting, fast-paced time on your planet. Every day, as your planets get close to the 26,000+ year cycle of alignment across your sun, energy is shifting, making it easier for you to feel and see through the veil that has hidden us from most of the world. Do hold on to your hat—the ride will continue through December 21, 2012 and for some time beyond as the planets start another cycle through your universe.