Love and peace on Earth

Q. Masters, is it possible to have all the people on the planet love each other? Wouldn’t it be better if all people learned to respect others’ individuality and spent the effort to create peace for our children? What can each of us do to accomplish such a result?

A. All souls come from an origin of unconditional love, and when not having a physical experience, they exist in unconditional love. Were all incarnating souls to only have the memory of living in an aura of unconditional love, they would not be able to have any experience of things that are not love. Fear, hate, despair, loneliness, betrayal, brutality-all the lessons you choose to come to Earth to experience would then be beyond your reach and comprehension.

You speak of an ideal world for your life on Earth, but why even come here if all you want is love? The answer is that you have such strong feelings about love because one of your life lessons is to find that love within yourself. So now you are projecting your need on those around you. You fear that you cannot have the love you crave unless the whole world also has such love.

If you reach inside yourself and connect with the divinity within that is your soul, you will bathe yourself in unconditional love. Then, not only will you stop projecting your needs onto others, but you will radiate that sensation of love so that others will seek their true selves as well. Go, now, and complete your mission with love.