What are we missing?

QUESTION: Masters, I watch news and documentaries and often feel sick and upset at the exploitations by governments and global companies. A firewall has been placed around information to European countries and the USA so many people are ignorant of the suffering. Your books and views show that ALL is about ‘perpetrator/victim’ so each can experience life lessons. I really do get this but – surely there is another element you have not spoken of or explained in this scenario? It is impossible to ignore these images of torment and pain as a human being. This is a most beautiful world but a world increasingly difficult to live in. The Leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, with big businesses perpetuate wars, and although they too have agreed to their lessons of experience, they are most certainly not suffering for their actions! It is impossible not to care and think each person has agreed to their set of circumstances, and that is that!!! What are we missing? ~George, UK

ANSWER: You say that you understand about choosing life lessons before you come down here, yet you are more concerned about the lessons others have chosen than monitoring and understanding your own lessons. The journey of the soul is an individual trip. You cannot affect other people unless it fits into their plans. You have a very strong judgment complex in place. You judge what is happening to those around you and decide what it is they really want. No one can ever know the feelings of another.

One of your lessons is to realize that judgment is the tool of the ego. The spirit/soul does not judge. It does not “decide” what others should want or do. It observes and makes a determination whether it wishes to also experience what it sees others doing. That is called evaluating, which is the tool of the soul.

If you cannot watch what others have chosen to do without trying to decide how and where they have gone wrong, then stop watching the things over which you have no control. The world is difficult to live in only if you choose negative things to include in the reality that is your world.

We would ask you: who is it that you care about? You are not inside anyone else’s physical form, so you do not know if they are suffering. Many leaders do feel anguish for their subjects but don’t see how to change things. What you are missing is the fact that people have to make their own choices; you can’t step in and decide for them. Things are rarely as they appear to be. Live your own life, understanding your lessons and the reaction you have to what is occurring on the planet. That is part of your choices.