Energy changes

QUESTION: Masters, we hear a lot about how the dark forces and negative energies around the world are being downgraded and forced into oblivion. The new energies are getting stronger and stronger. But all this talk is about things at a global or at a community level. My question to you is what about matters on a personal level? There are so many struggling to become free of the negative forces, of the people entwined in their lives who are carelessly sucking up energy, causing so much hurt and harm. Are these also being dealt with? When can an average Lightworker expect the help one has been waiting for? ~Yezdi, India

ANSWER: Planet Earth is a duality of negative and positive energies. It is established so that souls may learn about themselves and their essence of unconditional love. There is a continual shifting of an individual’s balance of energy while working through life lessons, which are mostly presented as negativity. On the planet, concentrations of negativity or positivity are constantly changing. This might create the impression that one force or the other is diminishing, but that’s not the case. In order to remain a duality, the world keeps the negative/positive balance intact.

What is getting stronger from the perspective of humanity is the ability to feel the difference between negative and positive. This is occurring for two reasons. Number one, the planetary influences that used to block people’s ability to feel the energy around them have dissipated due to the alignment of the planets. Number two, as people are becoming aware of their essence of unconditional love, they are able to better differentiate which circumstances are negative and which are positive within their domain.

People talk about these shifts because they have finally realized that negative and positive cannot exist in the same place at the same time. They may notice trends in one country or community getting more user friendly, but the negativity that was there hasn’t disappeared; it has simply moved to a nation where people are oppressed.

What people create as their reality is what they work on while going through their lessons. Being in negative or positive energy is a choice. As you face each obstacle or situation in your day, you choose to see it as a positive challenge to help you learn or a negative action to bring you down. Things will not remain negative if you choose to see them as positive. Everything is nothing more than a learning experience.

If you sit around and wait for help it will never come because you are here to do the work. Search for the negative and convert it to positive.