Save me; tell me what you want me to do

QUESTION: To God, my comfort. I am 39 weeks pregnant. I am not financially or emotionally capable of raising a child of love. My relationship with the father of my child has broken down to a point where I strongly feel god is telling me this is not it. I am considering adoption but my family is against it—culture clash. I pray for clarity, strength. In an ideal world I would love to keep my baby; for that to happen I need a financial miracle. I pray for grace and feel a lot of negative energy blocking me. I pray for divine light to dissolve this so I can move on and realize the plan god has laid for me. I am hungry to hear you clearly without riddles, my comfort, my love, my god. ~Nthakoana, Lesotho

ANSWER: We are not god. It is not our purpose or anyone else’s to tell you what to do. The situation in which you find yourself was thought up by you as a life lesson before you entered the body you now inhabit. You chose very difficult lessons, by Earth standards, and now have to work through them.

Among other things you chose your family and the society in which to live. You have accepted the belief systems of your family and the locale and must now decide whether you will follow exactly what they have dictated or whether you will choose to do what feels right to you.

No one from the non-physical realm is telling you to do one thing or another; beings of the light in unconditional love cannot tell you to do anything. All the advice you think you are receiving is coming from the customs of your family. You have the freedom to choose to go along with them or to do whatever else you want.

You must make the decisions. Nothing is right or wrong from a spiritual standpoint. All the choices come from learning lessons. You may make your own choices and learn from them or follow the herd and have to work on a similar lesson in the future.

The negativity you feel blocking you comes from thinking about going against what your family wants. It also is a list of all the bad things that you feel are holding you back. You have not once talked about having any faith in yourself that you can change what is happening. Start sending out a positive stream of the way you want to see your life, and it will begin to bring change to you if you believe and don’t do anything to hinder it.

You have the energy of Source within you, and with it you can manifest what you need. If you continue to look only outside for assistance, it will not come. Start inside, loving who and what you are, and then use that unconditional love to change your life.