Deities, gods and revered beings

QUESTION: Masters, you say there is no GOD but how do you explain about deities or other beings in the Buddhist & Hindu religious traditions? Do they exist? Or do you consider them as ascended masters with no need to be reincarnated ever again in the human form? ~Laurence, Singapore

ANSWER: What we have shared in our writings is that there is no distinct supreme being, which most people call god, that exists outside of you. You have the same essence as the Source from which all life sprang. You are the same as that energy, and therefore, each person is composed of what religious organizations consider as a divinity or god.

Deities, worshiped idols, masters, gurus, exalted religious heads, are all the same. They are symbols that are part of a belief system that defines a particular religion or organization, whether it be Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, or any other named sect. They exist insofar as someone has given them a status

The title of our group, Masters of the Spirit World, is descriptive only. It does not make our essence different from that of any other soul. It merely defines the degree of expertise we possess from experience. We have each spent centuries and centuries of your time in learning everything there is to know about the topics on which we advise souls. Could any soul have done this? Yes, by taking the time and effort.

Do souls who have become masters in some areas of Earth existence ever return to Earth? Yes, if they wish to have some other experiences they have not had, or simply to enjoy the sensory inputs the human emotions and nerve endings provide them only when they are occupying a physical body.