It’s not luck!

QUESTION: Masters, why is it that the more I concentrate on the things I want, the opposite happens. This is especially so with my financial problems and business opportunities. Many opportunities have slipped through my fingers for no apparent reason. E.g. associates or clients change their minds or go to others – even when my products are better? What am I doing wrong? Friends want to help, but the situations are beyond anyone’s control. Is it the way I manifest or are there obstacles I don’t know about? How could I find out what they are? Because I can’t secure good deals, my problems are getting worse. How can I change my ‘luck’? ~Hazel, Singapore

ANSWER: “Luck” is a word that implies that things just happen for no reason and you have to sit there and take whatever is thrown your way. Nothing is further from the truth. What you must consider is the fact energy gathers like energy to itself. If you concentrate on what you do not have, the energy you are calling to yourself is the energy of lack. If you think of all the things that can go wrong with a situation, the universe thinks you want to experience those difficulties and brings them to you.

When engaged in a business transaction you constantly start thinking about what can go wrong and who else might intervene, so that is what materializes. You are getting buried in negativity. You must begin ridding yourself of all negative thoughts. You know your product is better so keep that thought foremost on your mind.

You must start seeing the transaction as completed instead of as a possibility. Any hesitancy grows into negativity and turns customers away from you. Your question even shows the degree of negativity your thoughts have reached. “The situations are beyond anyone’s control” is how you see your life. With that attitude you will never build success.

Begin a campaign of affirmations that have you selling your product to the world. See your knowledge powering a terrific sales increase. See yourself having all the money you need to turn around your financial situation. Any time a negative or restrictive (doubting) thought comes into your head, immediately replace it with a positive one. That is the way to manifest.